I am a lifelong dog lover. I have owned at least two dogs and up to five dogs at a time during my entire adult life. Right now I have two. Pictured here is my buddy Max. He was born in my house 13 years ago. Max is a King Shepherd and 120 lbs. of love.

With 44+ years of experience raising, training and being around dogs, I believe most every dog can be trained. Some are easier than others but most dogs can be trained to be well behaved, sociable members of your family and society. Raise a dog the right way and you'll have a friend who trusts you and gives you unconditional love their entire life. They're wonderful creatures and the fact that so many are given up and disposed of has become a sickening, heart breaking and accepted epidemic, not only in the U.S. but around the world.

There are many reasons dogs end up in a shelters. Some are valid but more often than not the fault falls squarely on the owner. Most of these poor dogs are completely adoptable and will make wonderful pets. According to the Oxford – Lafayette Humane Society 90% of dogs entering U.S. shelters are healthy and adoptable.

As a dog owner it's your responsibility to learn how to train your dog and commit the time and effort required to do so before bringing a dog into your home. Jf you need help, GET IT! They are not disposable experiments so if you can't Make And Keep The Commitment then please don't get a dog.

There is no shortage of resources available on how to train a new puppy or an adult dog so if you are unable or unwilling to learn what you need to learn and teach what you need to teach please don't get a dog. If you don't plan on making him or her a permanent part of your family, again please don't get one.

If you are or thinking about becoming a new dog owner I recommend reading "Your First Dog." which you can order from this website

It's not that hard. With the right information and your investment and commitment of some time and effort in the early months of your dogs life, your return on investment will be immeasurable.

UPDATE –  (Sadly, my buddy Max passed away on May 15, 2013, age 13)

Max at age 5











Max at age 9


Max (2)









Max at 13

Old Max

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  1. Terry Tobias

    Gee,  I guess I'm not a very good or responsible dog owner – I didn't make the commitment to Rider to train him and keep him forever – I DID find someone who will though!!! Does that count???Tery

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