Dog LoveI love dogs! They're just wonderful creatures. To me a dog is the definition of unconditional love. They add so much to our lives in so many ways.  They are loyal companions. They're quick to forgive. Dogs improve our health. They entertain and protect us. They're overjoyed to see us when we've been away. Our furry friends are always ready to give us a kiss. They calm us, cuddle with us, play with us and empathize with us. They can detect cancer, predict seizures and other conditions. as well as combat lonliness and depression.  Dogs can find lost or missing people and track down criminals. The list goes on and on and on.

A lot of people feel that way and the good news is that this year and every year thousands and thousands of people will get a dog and many of those will experience dog ownership for the first time. Most will bring a new puppy home and some will adopt an older dog. Many will discover why us "dog people" love dogs so much.

Abandoned DogThe bad news is hundreds, if not thousands of those new dog owners will give up or abandon their new friend and add to the already bulging population at our shelters and rescue groups. Many will end up being euthanized because there are just too many dogs (Up to 4 million a year). Hundreds more will be abandoned to the streets to try to survive on their own. Most won't make it.


Their are many reasons but the most prevalent is that they got a dog without understanding the work, commitment and dedication that is involved and required to own a dog. Many picked a breed that was wrong for their lifestyle and required more than they were willing to provide. Others had no idea how to train the dog and wouldn't do what was necessary to learn how. It's a huge problem not only in this country but all over the world.

Shelter DogIt's heartbreaking to see the sad, confused and lonely faces curled up in a dank cold corner or pressed up against the fence in a dark dreary cage of the poor dogs who end up in a shelter. The fact is most will never leave that place and again experience the joy of living in a home with someone who will love them.

That is why I wrote "Your First Dog." It's a short guide to educate first time dog owners on the realities of dog ownership; picking the right breed for them, finding a reputable breeder, feeding, basic training, caring for that new dog and the time and commitment required to form a long lasting relationship with an extraordinary gift to mankind. 

My hope is that possessing an understanding of what is involved and required and learning how to go about the business of raising a dog before they bring one home will help them make the right decision about getting a dog or not in the first place and if they do, provide the tools to help them be successful.

I've had dogs for over 40 years and believe me, I've made mistakes but I learned from them and have never abandoned a dog. Once you decide to give a dog a home it's a commitment for that dog's life and shouldn't be taken lightly. They are not throw away experiments and there should be no do overs. If you're going to commit to a dog then commit! If you need help then get help.

The millions of us who love dogs know the work is well worth the rewards and the hardest stuff is finished after a few months and the benefits are realized for years.

So if you are considering your first dog or you know someone who is, you need a copy of "Your First Dog." It's a Kindle book on but you don't have to have a Kindle device to read it. Their are free kindle readers available for PC's and Mac's. The book can also be borrowed for free for Amazon Prime members.

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