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Teach Your Dog The “SIT” Command


sitTeaching your dog to sit should be the first command he or she learns. The "sit" is the foundation for other commands and it's also the easiest one to teach. Always be consistent with your body and hand movements and your verbal cues and be patient with your new student.

dog training treat

Be sure to have a reward ready to motivate your furry friend. You want a treat that's small, doesn't need to be chewed and is  desirable to your student.


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Teach Your Dog To Come

Dog ComeOne of the most important commands to teach your dog is "come". The "come" command can save your dog from injury and even death. Dogs love to chase things and that can easily lure them into a street where they can get hit by a car.

They also love to explore and investigate, many times unaware of a potential danger like a loose dog or wild animal. The examples are endless.

Teaching "come" is also the command that most dog owners struggle with. It doesn't have to be difficult. Repeat, repeat, repeat, reward, reward, reward until the command is learned and obeyed every time. Use it daily in all situations. Keep increasing distractions. Your dog must always obey this command. Follow these tips:

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Clicker Training

Most dog owners have heard of clicker training but really aren't clear on how it actually works or how to implement it. In this article I will discuss what clicker training is, how to start using it as well as just how powerful clicker training can be. Most dogs take to clicker training very easily and enjoy learning through the use of a clicker.

What Clicker Training Is

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Dogmantics- Dog Training Television- Episode 1

Dogmantics Episode 1 Yes, the long awaited first episode of Dogmantics is finally here! I included in this episode the two most frequent requests for videos- How to stop a puppy mouthing and biting and How to interrupt unwanted behavior. Hope you all enjoy! Check back on this description area for more helpful tips and info regarding these particular exercises.

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