Consider Your Dog on Halloween

Dogs and HalloweenThis is a great reminder from Onslow County Animal Services to consider how trick or treaters may effect our dogs with the onslaught of activity, the costumes, the door knocking and the parade of strangers at your door. It can be an assault on your dogs senses and result in fear or aggression. So consider your dog and the safety of those innocent children. A fun time can turn ugly very quickly.

Onslow County Animal Services Offers Halloween Pet Safety Tips

"Onslow County, NC – Onslow County Animal Services (OCAS) wants to remind people with companion animals that Halloween can be a frightening holiday for pets. While adults and children alike enjoy the costumes and the candy, these things can actually distress or endanger a companion animal.

“Dogs and cats rely on a daily routine,” states Animal Services Director Alan Davis, “When that routine is disrupted by lots of noise and commotion like trick-or-treaters ringing the doorbell, and/or lots of strangers in unusual clothes in their house, pets can become frightened or agitated. It’s best to keep pets at a safe distance from the festivities.”

To help keep pets safe at Halloween, OCAS recommends the following precautions:" 


Don't forget while you're keeping the trick or treaters out of the reach of your dog, keep the candy out of his reach also. A few precautions can make Halloween a fun time for all.


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