As if there already wasn't enough things to worry about your dog getting ahold of; now we can ad laundry detergent pods to the list. Those popular colorful pods can wreak havoc or even death should your dog or cat bite into one.

Tide PodsCaution: Chewing on This Popular Product Could Be Deadly

April 08, 2015

By Dr. Becker

An item that doesn’t often show up on lists of household products toxic to pets is laundry detergent. But it should, because most detergents and soaps contain ionic and anionic surfactants. When ingested in small amounts, these chemicals can cause GI upset in a pet, such as excessive drooling, vomiting or diarrhea. Fortunately, it’s unlikely most pets would have the opportunity or desire to ingest a large amount of bottled detergent.

But a new concern these days are those little brightly colored laundry detergent pods that smell good and look like candy or some other type of yummy treat to a small child or a pet. It’s conceivable that a pet might eat enough pods to cause an obstruction in the GI tract, but the greater danger of laundry and also dish detergent pods is actually the potential for an animal, typically a dog, to bite into them and inhale the detergent.

According to ASPCA Animal Poison Control, dogs make up over 90 percent of detergent pod poisonings. Cats account for just 6.5 percent.

Why Detergent Pods Are So Dangerous

The reason pods are more dangerous for pets than simply licking a bit of spilled detergent off the floor or their fur is the product formulation. The detergent in the pods is both highly concentrated and under pressure. If a pet bites down on the pod, it can cause the liquid to be forcefully expelled and easily aspirated (breathed in) or swallowed, often in large amounts. So even if you are using more natural or chemical free detergents in pods, there are still substantial risks. 

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So if you use these little convenient packs of concentrated detergent, please take extra precautions to make sure your dog or cat cannot get their paws, and mouths on one.

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