Avoid Dog Crate Accidents

When using a dog crate there are some safety precautions that must be considered for the well being of your dog, no matter what age. Dog crate safety is often <img src="puppy-in-dog-crate.jpg" alt="Puppy in Dog Crate" />overlooked and can lead to disaster. Never leave your dog in a dog crate without first removing his collar. The collar can get caught in the wire mesh and as he struggles to get free, it can tighten around his neck and asphyxiate your dog. I know someone who lost her puppy this way and it was so sad. For the same reason, never leave a leash in the crate on or off of your dog. This can happen to any age dog so please avoid it. If you don't want to remove the collar every time you use a crate then purchase a breakaway collar.

It's a good idea to use a breakaway collar if your dog is home alone during the day or you have two or more dogs that like to play fight with each other. There are also many other areas around your house and in your yard where a dogs collar can get caught especially if there are tags attached to the collar.

Safe Dog Toys Only Please


Make sure you only leave safe dog toys in the crate. Never leave toys that are too small or can be torn up or broken apart into small pieces that your dog can swallow or choke on. Puppies have been known to swallow coins, rocks, marbles, socks, small toys, or anything else that will fit down their throats so survey your house or any area the puppy will be in and remove any of those potentially life threatening items.

Regarding dog toys and treats, I suggest you avoid rawhide and anything made from rawhide such as bones, pig’s ears, chips, twists and the like. Even though dogs love them, they can brake off pieces and swallow them and they can get caught in your pup’s throat and become a choking hazard. Even if it is swallowed, they can still cause a problem. The issue with rawhide is that it is virtually indigestible and when wet, it swells so if it gets stuck in your puppy’s throat, you have a problem. If they swallow a big enough piece, it can become a blockage in the intestinal tract which can also be a major problem. Either could result in a costly visit to your vet or worse. It could potentially be deadly. I stick with things like hard rubber Kongs of the proper size. See Dog Toy Safety >>>

Never leave torn or shredded blankets or towels or sheets in the crate which your puppy can swallow or choke on. If you are temporarily using any of these items just keep a watchful eye to make sure they are not being chewed. I recommend a chew proof dog crate pad instead.

Know your dog

Any chew or toy you give to your dog should be appropriate for his/her size and chewing habits. If you have an extreme chewer your choices are more limited. It amazes me when I see some of the things strong chewers are capable of destroying.

Never leave anything in the crate that your dog can destroy and swallow creating a potentially life threatening situation. Things like rawhide, nylon bones or greenies can be broken up and swallowed and they are not digestible and large enough pieces can get lodged in the throat or cause blockages in the intestinal tract. Natural bones can be broken into sharp pieces and cause major problems. They can also break teeth.

If  your dog destroys everything than I suggest not leaving anything in the crate. Your dog's life may depend on it.

For more Dog Toy Safety Tips go here.

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Last Modified: January 12, 2016

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