Dog Parks can be a great place to let your dog run free, meet new friends and burn off all of that excess energy but beware, you could be exposing your dog to more than fresh air and exercise.

Dog Park Dangers

       Dog parks are popping up all over suburban and urban areas, and for good reason. Daily exercise helps keep your dog healthy and gives her a chance to get out and socialize with other dogs and humans. In urban areas, dog parks provide a safe space for daily doggie exercise, but recent research suggests dog parks may not be as safe as we might think.


recent study of dog feces collected from Colorado dogs suggests gastrointestinal parasites may be on the list of dog park dangers. Two intestinal protozoa, Giardia andCryptosporidium, were found more commonly in dogs frequenting dog parks than in dogs that did not. These two organisms are not controlled by heartworm preventatives as are hookworms and roundworms. Identification of these critters is one reason for your veterinarian’s recommendation of an annual fecal examination for your pet.


Infectious disease

A coughing dog visiting a dog park may be a dog park danger, if he is infected with the bacteria causing kennel cough or the virus causing canine influenza……………..


If you are planning to start taking your buddy to a dog park make sure he's up to date on all vacinations. Also discuss the planned park visit with your vet and see if there are any other precautions you can take. If you have been to the dog park and your dog has become ill, get to your vet and have it checked out right away.

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Last Modified: August 18, 2013

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