25 Dog Health Warning Signs

How can you tell if your dog is sick? What are the signs? Most of the time they are very hard to see so it's important to be aware of even subtle changes in your dog. Here's a list of 25 warning signs:

25 Dog Health Warning Signs




I’m really good at hiding my symptoms.

By: Caninest

Dogs can be just as good as cats at hiding illnesses.

Experience of ancestors in the wild tells them that a sick animal is especially vulnerable, and this ancient instinct still sticks around today. There are warning signs you can look for, and here we list common dog health warning signs that should have you monitoring your dog or heading to the vet.

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What Dog Food Do You Use?

Choose A Healthy Food For Your Dog

Commercial dog foods pretty much all claim to be formulated to keep your dog healthy. The fact is most of them are mediocre at best and some can be downright dangerous! Do your research before settling on a brand of dog food as well as dog treats. Your canine buddy's life may depend on it! I regularly check http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/ to get the latest advice on dog food. They review the ingredients and quality of dry, wet and raw dog foods.

My rule of thumb is that if you can buy it in a supermarket or one of the big box stores, it's not your best choice.

Keep in mind it's all about money and profit. Inferior, inexpensive ingredients increase profits but nobody benefits except the manufacturer and the retailer. Low quality dog food can decrease the life expectancy and compromise the overall health of your dog. Every now and then, it may even kill your furry friend.

Check out this recent article by Dr. Karen Becker, a well known proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian:

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Have You Lost A Dog To Cancer?

Cancer in dogsCancer is one of the leading killers if not the leading killer of dogs. I've personally lost 3 dogs to cancer and to be totally frank, it sucks! Two were only 5 and one was 7 years old, all in the prime of their lives.

Well I read an interview about a very promising new treatment for cancer in pets and potentially for cancer in humans that must be shared.

Exciting News About a Vaccine to Treat Cancer in Pets

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Would You Feed Your Dog Road Kill?

road killWould you feed your dog road kill? How about diseased or euthanized animals? 

Can I interest you in expired meat including the package, diseased cattle, meat by-products including heads, bones, feet, beaks and unborn fetuses? Yuck!!

animal partsOf course not! Well that may be exactly what you're doing every time you open that bag or can of commercial dog food. Commercial dog food came about years ago as a means for these companies to monetize all the crap left over from slaughterhouses. They've since added many of the disgusting items mentioned above. Then they ad flavor enhancers so your dog will eat it.

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When You Leave Your Dog At A Shelter,…

KennelDogsWhen you leave your dog at a shelter what do you imagine his or her life will be like now?

A Letter from a Shelter Manager

See Below

There are hundreds of wonderful shelters and dog rescues all over this country run by people and selfless volunteers who really care and try to find homes for these unfortunate dogs. God bless them! But even in these caring places your poor canine companion is left scared, alone and confused, desperate for you to return and take them home.

But, there are also hundreds of what are called High Kill Shelters. They euthanize dogs , and cats at an astounding rate (about 4 million a year), simply because there are just too many homeless pets and not enough space or resources to take care of them.  It doesn't matter how wonderful or adoptable you think the pet you are abandoning is; in these places they are on death row the minute you leave the facility.

puppy millsAnd with all the unwanted litters by irresponsible owners, back yard breeders and "Scum of the Earth" puppy mills, it's not getting any better.

I came across this anonymous letter written by a High Kill Shelter manager and it's a real eye opener every dog owner, back yard breeder and puppy mill owner should read and ift you have a pulse, it has to effect you.

A Letter from a Shelter Manager – anonymous in North Carolina

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