Restrain Your Dog

Although many dog owners let their dogs run free in the car, there are good reasons to restrain your dog when riding along. Your four legged friend shouldn't travel unrestrained in your vehicle. The laws of physics are the same for dogs as they are for us. Not only can your dog be seriously injured in a car crash if they are not restrained, they can also become a dangerous projectile that can severely injure someone else in the vehicle.

The same is true of a unsecured dog crate.

The truth about cars and dogs: How to safely transport pets inside your vehicle


"The classic image of a dog in a car, immortalized in countless movies, TV commercials and even The Far Side cartoons, is of the pooch freely sitting in the front seat, with its head sticking out the window. While that certainly looks fun, the truth is that car owners who are also pet lovers need to follow certain precautions to keep both themselves and their furry friends safer on the road. Here are the most important ones:"……..

 Don't take the chance. Spend a few bucks for a dog restraint and make sure everyone in your vehicle is as safe as possible. If you use a dog crate for travel instead, that should be strapped down also. Do it not only for your dog, do it for family and for your own peace of mind.



Solvit 62296 Pet Vehicle Safety Harness, Large
publisher: Solvit
EAN: 0891293000231
sales rank: 382
price: $15.60 (new), $14.59 (used)

The Solvit Pet Vehicle Safety Harness is designed with pets' safety and comfort in mind.


Harness Dog Car Safety Seat Belt system Sm/Med 12-28
publisher: HDP
EAN: 0100000240281
sales rank: 1034
price: $12.92 (new)

Keep Dogs Safe and Secure Great Gift Idea 2 items for the price of one comes in a nice box. Protect your pets while traveling in cars with our Guardian Gear Car Harnesses. Adjustable web harness attaches easily to virtually any seat belt with a universal seat belt clip. Keeps dogs safely contained with an adjustable strap that allows them to sit, lie down or stand comfortably with the swivel action clasp – this style harness keeps your dog from getting tangled up with the seatbelt. Made of strong, durable woven black nylon with plastic quick-release buckles and heavy-duty hardware. You can also leave the harness on your dog & use with a leash. The safety strap can be left attached to your seatbelt in your vehicle.


Easy Rider Car Extra Small Harness for Dogs, Black
publisher: Coastal Pet Products
EAN: 0076484003103
sales rank: 11868
price: $7.80 (new)

Featuring secure metal hardware and a comfortable padded chest strip, the Easy Rider Car Harness is an easy-to-use harness that connects to any front or rear seatbelt. Designed to keep your dog confined, yet comfortable, this harness prevents your pet from being thrown and injured in case of Short stops or accidents. Available in 5 convenient sizes to accommodate most dog breeds, the extra small Easy Rider is suitable for dogs with a girth up to 16-inch.

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Last Modified: August 17, 2013

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