Newborn PuppiesThe short answer is NO! Breeding your female dog is not something to be taken lightly. There are many reasons people want to breed but most of them are poor reasons at best. Money may be the number one motivation and in my opinion, it’s the worst. There are already way too many homeless dogs, millions in fact, and bringing more into the world just to make a few dollars is irresponsible and just wrong. The Humane Society of the United States estimates 3 – 4 million dogs are euthanized each year. That's 3 to 4 MILLION!! That's horrible!

Then, if you are fortunate enough to have a normal, uneventful pregnancy and delivery you might make a profit but just as often as not, there will be problems, costly problems that will certainly minimize or eliminate any profit you thought you would realize.

For others it’s ego. They think their dog is so special that they must bring more dogs just like it into the world. Look, we all think our dogs are special but that doesn’t mean they won’t pass on the same genetic predispositions they have to their puppies. The fact is they will.

Those people who run puppy mills and pump out litter after litter with no concern about the health and well being of the parents, the puppies, or the breed or the quality of their lives, just to make money is despicable. They should be shut down and in many cases locked up.  Puppy Mill

Sadly, many of their buyers are unaware of the deplorable conditions these poor dogs are forced to endure or the tremendous odds of getting a puppy with a lot of problems. Please educate yourself before buying a dog from one of these places. Make sure you see the living conditions of the so called "breeders" dogs and if they won't let you, and for sure they won't, walk away.

There are a lot of very real potential risks involved in breeding. Up to a quarter of dog pregnancies end up in a C-section which is expensive and risky. For every puppy sold to a new home there’s one out there in a shelter with no home. Every breed has its own set of risks and some more than others.

If you’re a casual breeder, or are considering becoming one, please reconsider! The chances of you making any significant money are slim. The potential of having a bad outcome is not so slim. The likelihood of passing on defects to the next generation of dogs is a certainty.

Breeding should only be done by experienced committed ethical breeders for one reason; to improve the breed. That means that the Dam should be a great healthy example of the breed, or what the breed once was, have great temperament and most importantly be free of the typical diseases and health problems associated with that breed. The Sire should be the same. That involves expensive testing of both to insure that is the case. Looks are not the end all when putting mates together. It requires a lot of science to pick the correct pair who will improve a breed. That’s not an easy thing to accomplish.

The fact is that the “breed standards” set by certain clubs, are flawed for many dogs and continue to perpetuate the problems we have bred into these once wonderful healthy creatures. We humans have ruined many breeds with our quest to have a dog look a certain way with little regard for the consequences of our choices. Go to  (by to see some examples of how humans have ruined certain breeds of dogs.

Experienced committed ethical breeders are by far the exception, not the rule. For every truly responsible breeder there are probably 200 or more irresponsible ones and just as many novices that don’t know any better.

For those who must have a purebred dog, find the best breeder.

For people who just want a dog, check out your local shelter and give a home to a needy puppy or older dog or two. You can go to and search for a wonderful dog in your local area that needs a home.

puppy mill2Don’t buy one from a puppy mill and unfortunately most dogs in pets stores come from puppy mills. We need to stop these creeps by hurting them where it counts most, in their wallets.

For those considering breeding their dog, please don’t. Spay or neuter him or her, give them a wonderful life and just enjoy them.

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Last Modified: November 24, 2015

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