Most new puppy owners have no problem petting, cuddling and giving a lot of affection to their new bundle of joy which is a big part of building that bond between you and your dog. But one important aspect which is often overlooked is getting your new furry friend used to being handled in a way that he or she will need to be handled many times in his life.

During these cuddle sessions or any time he is relatively quiet, take the opportunity to teach your dog to accept being examined by human hands by looking in its ears, examining the paws and toenails, raising the gums and looking at the teeth and touching them. Simulate looking for fleas and ticks by pushing the hair back to expose the skin all over his body and checking under the tail. You should also lay him on his side and check the chest and belly areas as well as the inside of the rear legs.

Also get them used to being brushed. Some puppies are initially afraid of the brush so don't force it. Let him smell it and lay it by his nose while you stroke his body. This may take a few sessions but soon he'll be used to a brushes smell and you can begin brushing his back. Stay away from the head and face at first until he is comfortable with being brushed. 

These are things that will occur many times throughout their life.

Be gentle and take it slowly at first. The puppy is used to being cleaned by his mother but not by you. Reward him with a small treat after a successful session.

It’s helpful to have other family members and even friends do the same so he gets used to being handled by someone besides you. You should always be present during this learning process as your calm presence will reassure your puppy.

Do this regularly to get your puppy accustomed to being handled in this way by human beings. This will help your pup readily accept being touched or examined later in life. When you take him to the vet, these are things that any vet is going to do while examining your dog; check the ears, the mouth, the feet, etc.

It’s will also make grooming easier, whether you do it or you take your dog to a groomer, because your puppy will be used to being handled this way by a human.

By getting your little buddy used to this at an early stage in his life, you can avoid problems later when they are much stronger by removing the fear of the unknown.

Just remember; never touch your dog in anger. You want him to totally trust you. This trust will aid you in all of your future puppy training.

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