police dogK9 dogs serve our police and communities all over the country. They are often the first to be exposed to unknown threats and dangers as they fearlessly search and interact with dangerous criminals before their human partners do. Unfortunately most of our K9 heroes have absolutely no protection as they put their lives on the line every day to serve and protect. You can help change that by getting involved!

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get involvedK-9 police dogs are important and necessary for crime prevention in our community. They loyally carry out their dangerous work every day to keep us safe. These canine officers, like human officers, deserve the protection of body armor. Sadly, many law enforcement agencies and police departments do not have the funds to purchase vests that can save the lives of their police dogs. So please join us in our mission to protect our K-9 heroes. Individuals, corporations, and non-profit agencies – anyone can become a member for free. With membership, you will have access to information and resources to help promote and benefit this worthy cause. With your help and generosity, we can protect our K-9 protectors.

Follow the links to learn more about K-9 vests or how to start a local Vest-A-Dog program.

Donate A Vest
Your generosity is greatly needed and much appreciated. Sign in and see a list of local K9s in need of vital protection. If you are an individual or
corporate contributor, you can be connected to your local non-profit organization and support their mission with your tax-deductible donation or by volunteer efforts. If you are a nonprofit agency, tap into local donors and volunteers in your area.

Need A Vest
If you know of a K-9 Protector in need of protective gear, sign in and add your K-9 to the our list of dogs to receive a donated vest through our nationwide network. Police K-9 handlers throughout the country can register their dogs with Vest-A-Dog to receive fundraising help. Notify your local police department about this opportunity.

Police Dog wearing a vestYour involvement can make a difference!  All citizens who are served by these brave and fearless dogs should help get them the protection they need. It's very costly to train a K9 police dog. It makes perfect sense to help protect these courageous animals who put themselves in harms way to protect not only our police officers but us!


Get involved today!


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Last Modified: September 9, 2013

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