road killWould you feed your dog road kill? How about diseased or euthanized animals? 

Can I interest you in expired meat including the package, diseased cattle, meat by-products including heads, bones, feet, beaks and unborn fetuses? Yuck!!

animal partsOf course not! Well that may be exactly what you're doing every time you open that bag or can of commercial dog food. Commercial dog food came about years ago as a means for these companies to monetize all the crap left over from slaughterhouses. They've since added many of the disgusting items mentioned above. Then they ad flavor enhancers so your dog will eat it.

It's always about the all mighty dollar, isn't it. They add all kinds of artificial junk, useless fillers and put pretty pictures and catchy names on the label and design great add campaigns to entice the public into buying this garbage, and the sad thing is it works. Commercial pet food is multi billion dollar a year industry preying on the lack of knowledge and desire for convenience of the general public.

Not every bag or can of commercial dog food is bad but. There are some excellent ones on the market but you have ignore the adds and do a lot of research to understand what's on the label. Sadly most dog owners don't bother to take the time to really discover what' in that dog food.  After all there dogs have been eating this stuff for years and they're doing fine. There's a big difference between sustaining life and a thriving life. My first rule of thumb is if it's in your supermarket, don't feed it to your dog!

Fortunately there are websites like that do the heavy lifting for you so you can quickly check out the quality of any dog food. There is ton of information online about dog diets, dog food quality, ingredients, recalls, etc. so with minimal effort you can avoid the worst and serve the best for your canine buddies.

People are becoming more and more aware of the garbage most of the industry is pushing on them and that's a trend that needs to continue. So please take the time to get educated and insure that your furry family member is getting the best nutrition available and stop supporting these mega companies who don't care what goes in that bag or can as long as we buy it!



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